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Branches of An-Noor
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An-Noor Institute Courses

Full Time

Hifzul Quran Course

Summer Deen Intensive Course

Full Time

Alim Course


Quran Class

One Year Deen Intensive Course


Quran Class

After School & Weekend Maktab

Homeschooling & Tutoring Program


Masjid / Mosque
Islamic School / Madrasa
Youth Center
Helping Hand

Hifzul Quran / Memorization of The Holy Quran

Alim Course / Higher Islamic Education

Maktab / After-School / Weekend School

Adult Quran Class / New Muslim Class

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An-Noor Institute Full Time Courses

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Our Journey

The journey of An-Noor started with its cooperation approval on July 13th, 2012, as an independent, not-for-profit, cultural and educational institution. An-Noor initiated its services to the community on December 01, 2012.