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Our Locations

The Body of Our Masjid & Islamic School!

Our Homes and Bases of Operation. From here we serve the local communities with events, programs, classes, and more. Each center have their own distinct services and communities.


An-Noor Jackson Heights

Our first home and Masjid. This is where An-Noor started off and due to support from our amazing community we continued to branch and grow.

An-Noor Elmhurst

Our Main Operating Center for our Institute and Cultural Services. 

PHOTO-2023-05-02-14-54-50 (1).jpg
2023-05-11 (1).jpg

An-Noor Jamaica

Our most recent home that has started operating for more than a year now.

An-Noor New Building

We have closed the deal on this building Friday, April 19, 2024 thanks to the efforts and support of our community. This building is currently undergoing renovations.

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