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The Rulings of I’tikaaf

Updated: Jun 7

Definition: I’tikaaf is to enter the Masjid with the intention of staying in the Masjid with the objective of gaining closeness to Allah.

Status: It is Sunnah Mu'akkadah Kifaayah to stay in the boundaries of a Masjid where the five daily prayers are performed (without leaving) during the last ten days and ten nights of Ramadhan (from the sunset of the 20th).

Conditions of I’tikaaf:

  1. The one who is muslim.

  2. The one who is a male.

    1. The I’tikaaf of a female is in her house.

  3. The one who is sane.

  4. The one who is pure (does not have to do Fardh Ghusl).

  5. The one who is fasting.

  6. Niyyah (intention).

Permissible actions of I’tikaaf:

  1. It is permissible to eat and sleep in the Masjid.

  2. It is permissible to discuss matters of Deen or necessary talks.

    1. It is recommended that one remains engaged in Ibaadah like performing Nafl Salaah, reciting Quran and Dhikr, and learning the knowledge of Deen.

  3. It is permissible to leave the Masjid for Fardh Ghusl.

  4. It is permissible to leave the Masjid for Wudhu.

  5. It is permissible to leave the Masjid to use the bathroom.

    1. To leave without a valid reason, for even a moment, will nullify the I’tikaaf.

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